Work From Home With Facebook


Have You Ever Considered Working Full-Time With Facebook?

Calgary, Alberta - 2018-10-12

If you spend much time online and have been wanting to work from home, you might be in luck. Facebook has now released a "Work From Home Program" that will allow people to work from the comfort of their own homes. (Click Here to See It)

To tens of thousands of people, this means that they will soon have a chance to make thousands of dollars every month, from the comforts of their own home, getting paid by checks, direct deposit and even Paypal.

In the middle of the recession this country and the world is going through, Facebook has been thriving and reporting consistent profits every quarter.

Facebook has now opened its doors and will be hiring everyday people to work from the comfort of their own homes posting links, sharing stories, reviewing sites and more. The way this works is that people sign up to work with Facebook and other online companies. They will then receive a package which will contain all of the step by step instructions to get setup from home. You get directions immediately after signing up.

This will allow these online companies to hire talent that would otherwise be unreachable and compensate them based on results on a long term basis.

What you need: Either a Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet, an Internet Connection and the desire to make a living working from home. No special skills are required other than knowing how to use a computer and navigate the internet. There is no shortage of work and somebody can easily do this for 5 hours per week, or 50. NO selling or telemarketing involved!

Mary, a mom from Calgary worked with Facebook in the beta testing of this program. She also made a little extra income by posting links on other online sites. She also did some data entry work...

From her website:

Courtesy of Mary Hoeffer:
“I get paid a great deal of money just to work from home each day.. and I get paid every week I make around $13,000 a month right now. I chose to be paid by direct ceposit but I think they offered checks or Paypal too.”

They have officially released their new work from home account out to the public. There will be about 50 spots available that are expected to go very soon in the next few days.

Hows it work? The way this works is very simple...

First, you will need to claim a work from home account. third-party partner websites, which can be obtained for no risk (fees may apply).

The company says this charge is made to cover application costs but also to separate the people that are serious about working with them through this program.

Once you have obtained an account, you will receive access that will contain all the instructions you need to start working from home. You can even start working within 24 hours. You will be doing all kinds of work for different companies and there's NO telemarketing or things like that.

"Anybody with basic computer skills will be able to perform these tasks" adding to that they say that "We understand the psychology of working from home and we want to give our employees tasks that are simple and easy, and reward them generously in order to keep them motivated."

Is this worth quitting your job? If you're lucky enough to get in now, this could simply add as much as $15,000 a month to your income.

"We start off our work from home program only requiring 1-2 hours a day of work, earning a great income from the start. This way our work from home employees will see the benefit and start devoting more and more time each day and their salaries will increase accordingly."

Although they are going very fast since their release earlier today, quite a few positions are still available at the time of this writing.

To apply for a job working from home with Facebook here are the three steps:

Step 1: Claim your no-risk login at Automatic Profit Formula.

Step 2: Follow the directions online and set up an account. They will give you EVERYTHING you need to get started. You should have instant access after completing the next page.

Step 3: Follow instructions to start receiving checks weekly. Or you can start to have them wire directly into your checking account. (Your first check will be about $2000 to $4,000 a week. Then it goes up from there. Depends on how much work you're able to accomplish and how well it performs.)

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  • Joyce Tanner
    I saw this on the news. How crazy is it that they're giving this opportunity to people!?!?! I'm signing up right now my guess is these positions will get filled up real quick!
  • Tanya Menendez
    The timing of this couldn't be better, my husband and I are struggling too and this could be our answer.
  • Jennifer J. Mercer
    Has anyone tried this yet? Looks promising.
    • Kristy Stevens
      @Jennifer, I'm using it now and it's working pretty well actually! I paid 3 bucks for processing, got it in a few days, signed up for my account and have been cranking along ever since. My first week I made a whopping $1073.45 and the second week I doubled that then it kinda snowballed to about $3500 a week! I'm gonna grow this puppy as big as I can. Here's a screen shot of my stats, my husband is in shock.
  • Katy Barrott
    Thanks for the info, I started this 12 weeks ago on the experimental program like Mary. I've gotten 12 cheques for a total of $36,754, pretty cool. Will probably quit my job very soon.
  • Amanda Gibson
    I tried blogging on the internet and it didn't pan out. With this program I've made about $7000 a month 4 months in a row.

    I like the stability of working for a big company and still being able to work from home.. I'm going to give this a shot.
  • Julie Keyse
    Just a quick notice about this program. It does work but you have to be able to use a computer at least somewhat. If you can use facebook normally and enter in some data as well as use email, etc. then you'll be fine.
  • Sarah Williams
    I just got my first check for $2845.87! How cool is that it took about 2 weeks for me to get the first check.
  • Kirsten B. Riley
    this is a pretty cool article. I have been working from home for years - can totaly stand by this program!
  • Celia Kilgard
    I don't know. Im still kind of worried about the entire thing. Ive never worked from home
  • Amy Payne
    Does anyone know if you have to have any programs or a certain computer to make this work?
  • Alice Chang

    Hey Amy, the answer is No. Any computer you have will work, I currently use this system on an old laptop and it works great. You just need the kit that the author named in the article.
  • Mark Fadlevich
    Holy cow Kristy! Thanks for posting that screen shot, you just gave me the inspiration I needed. Wow! :-)
  • Ashley O'Brien
    I hope this works because i really hate my boss!!!!!
  • Amanda Hickam
    saw it and i'm gonna try it tomorrow
  • Brittany Jackson
    I wonder how well this will work if I only do it a couple hours at night? I still have my day job( which I would love to quit, lol ), but right now I only have time for a couple hours a night. Ill reply back and let you guys know!
  • Shellie Wilson Hodge
    This is amazing! I wish I knew about this 5 weeks ago when my car was repossessed. There's still time to work it out so I just signed up.
  • Jill Phongsa
    I'd just like to add my story; I think others would like to hear it. I too was always leery about work at home offers because they always seemed to be scams. But after the recession hit, I was a little frightened. I wanted to have a backup plan just in case. So, I took your advice and got my free kit. It worked like a charm - I was earning money right away! I eventually did get laid off, just as I had feared, but since I had been using the online kit, I had money to fall back on. Now I'm doing better than I had at my job!